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Our Mission:-

To empower children holistically to be self-reliant people within the community in the future and effectively mobilize any available resources for the betterment of the disadvantaged children.

  • We have seen the devastating menace of HIV/AIDS in Kenya and especially in
  • Mathare North Slums affecting most household both socially and economically. Our
  • Promise is therefore to place children orphaned or living with HIV/AIDS infected at the heart of our service delivery.

Our Vision:-

The vision of Bringers of Joy Education Centre is to promote spiritual and social support, and facilitate change for bettering the lifestyles of the needy children, the youth, women and men in difficult circumstances in Kenya, in pursuit of hope, perfection and promotion of united families. We do this by emancipating the needy out of circumstances through planned programs. 

Specific Objectives:-

  1. To ensure the development of children affected by HIV/AIDS, orphaned children and other vulnerable children in Kasarani constituency. 
  2. To reduce stigma among the children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS in Kasarani constituency.
  3. To extend compassion to the poor.
  4. Ministering to the needs of the poor and the marginalized
  5. To exercise honesty, transparency, integrity and fairness

Broad Objectives:-

  1. Offering counseling services at the Centre.
  2. Assist in provision of home based care services to terminally ill patients at home
  3. Provision of nutritional and medical support to people living with AIDS and orphaned children
  4. Seek to initiate income generating activities for sustainability of the Centre.
  5. To buy a piece of land for the construction & expansion of the Centre in the near future.