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My names are Mrs. Damaris Muthoni Ngure and am the Director of Bringers Education Centre . We embrace the common fact that children are the future generation without which the world 's end is here. Let's teach children.

Volunteer(s) role, Planned tasks, Expectations/ aims:

(a) Teaching elementary school children English, foreign language(s), Geography, Social Studies, Religious studies, Mathematics teachings.

(b) Preparing children’s food Helping with purchases at schools cost, transporting it, preparing it

(c)  Serving food to the school children or body Scooping and placing on dishes and cups the prepared food and giving it to the children

(d) Interacts through service delivery, advises on  Clean washing before, after eating and after visiting toilet (water, sanitation and health)

(e )  interactions through  Physical exercise, Arts & Music and sports training and guidance.

( f) Instructions on caring, first aid provision, giving the deserving guidance and counseling whenever and when a child does mistake(s).