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Bringers Of Joy Education Centre is a community-based organization (CBO). The organization started in January 2004 with a total number of 8 children and 2 teachers and is mandated to operate in Kenya Nairobi county. It is a project that caters for the needy children. Currently it has 130 children and 6 full time staff.

It is situated in the heart of Mathare and Huruma slums, which is 5 kilometers east of Nairobi City. The majority of the children who are born in this area are limited to complete their education meaning they will not be able to secure white collar jobs in the future. The vicious circle keeps on revolving as most of their parents pass away due to HIV/AIDS related illnesses.

Bringers Of Joy Education Centre also caters for the welfare of these poor, hopeless and the orphaned children from Mathare and Huruma slums by providing them with the basic needs e.g. uniforms, shelter, books, and food. It also encourages the children and their parents through counseling and guidance.

Since its registration, the organization has been involved in a variety of activities. Some of the activities it has carried out in the past and continues to provide within the constituency include rehabilitation of orphans, destitute children and children affected with HIV/AIDS. It also conducts community counseling and periodical distribution of foodstuffs to the needy and less fortunate members of the society, HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention campaigns and care for the people living with HIV/AIDS. The group has been supported by the government of kenya through  National Aids Control Council. Total War Against Aids project. The project supported behavior change education targeting the youth.

The main aim of the project is to sensitize and mobilize the Mathare slums and its environs so that they can combat the spread of this pandemic disease HIV/AIDS and the rising level of poverty in the community. It will raise the awareness of over 200 orphans and vulnerable children rights and it will contribute to enhancing the dignity of people living with HIV as full and equal citizens. The project also aims to help the orphans and vulnerable children to succeed with the basic primary education.

HIV/AIDS is the single most development and public health problem confronting the world today. Available statistics Kenya National Strategic Plan 2005/2006 indicate that the slum communities are the worst hit areas in the urban centers majority of these children are either orphaned due to HIV/AIDS or their parents are HIV infected. This is because there have been no immediate interventions, the victims/affected further marginalized and discriminated most of which are children and women.

To address this very serious problem of community development and public health, Bringers Of Joy Education Centre proposes to promote different initiatives. The project will engage with a number of partners with a view to strengthening their networking and collaborations in order to achieve more wide ranging and most suitable results. Bringers Of Joy Education Centre through this project will aim at contributing to improving the qualities of life of those infected and affected by HiV/AIDS through scaling up OVC care services for that in school and out of school.

The projects for Orphans Vulnerable Children programs are estimated to target over 200 beneficiaries as at the end of this financial year.