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Bringers of Joy Education Centre is a Community Based Organization (CBO) registered through the ministry of Gender, Children & Social Development, certificate no. A8428.

The organization initially started as a Self Help Group (SHG) in January 2004, by 25 women as a merry-go round. After a period of 3 months the group started visiting the sickly within the slums of Mathare and assisted the sickly with the money that the group had contributed. After sometime the group realized that a good number of children from poor families and others orphaned by HIV/AIDS pandemic were not attending school due to lack of financial assistance and also that school places were limited. As a result they consulted one another and decided to form a self help group with the following broad based objectives.

  1. To improve the status of women and children in the society
  2. To rehabilitate such children, provide them with care and counseling and also ensure attainment of better growth and development.
  3. To sensetize women in matters related to gender imbalance
  4. To improve the capacity of women in matters of employment, standard of living and financial status
  5. To increase awareness of family planning, the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS and other social evils in the family , community and society as a whole
  6. To help girls and women to initiate self help income generating projects
  7. Catering for orphans and old people

As   a first step towards achieving our objectives, it was decided to open a nursery school within the heart of the Slums which would also serve as a feeding centre to encourage the starving children to come to school and in the process get at least one meal a day. It was started with a total number of 8 children and 2 teachers and is mandated to operate in Kenya Nairobi province. It is a project that caters for the needy children. Currently it has 130 children and 6 full time staff. 

The Centre is situated in the heart of Mathare and Huruma slums, which is 5 kilometers east of Nairobi City. The majority of the children who are born in this area are limited to complete their education meaning they will not be able to secure white collar jobs in the future. The vicious circle keeps on revolving as most of their parents pass away due to HIV/AIDS related illnesses. 

Bringers of Joy Education Centre caters for the welfare of these poor, hopeless and orphaned children from Mathare and Huruma slums by providing them with the basic needs e.g. uniforms, shelter, books, and food. It also encourages the children and their parents through counseling and guidance.

The Centre offers feeding services although intermittent to the children, especially lunch. This is because of the fact that most of the children attending the centre are orphans and others come from very poor households where they are never sure of their next meal for the day. The provision of the lunch therefore encourages them to keep attending school at the centre since they are assured of getting at least one meal a day when available.

Since its registration, the Centre has been involved in a variety of activities. Some of the activities it has carried out in the past and continues to provide within the constituency include rehabilitation of orphans, destitute children and children affected with HIV/AIDS. It also conducts community counseling and periodical distribution of foodstuffs to the needy and less fortunate members of the society, HIV/AIDS awareness & prevention campaigns and care for the people living with HIV/AIDS.

The Organization has established a rehabilitation centre, which is centrally placed in Mathare North Area 3 where it serves the community. The centre currently has 130 children of different backgrounds, for example HIV orphans & destitute children from poor families. The children are from all parts of the constituency. There are no biases once the children are vetted and found to be true wanting cases. The centre covers baby class, pre-unit & standard one upto standard eight class. All the eight classes are manned by 6 trained and paid teachers.

The organization also conducts regular community counseling services especially to the thriving poor, the sick including those infected with HIV/AIDS and affected with the epidemic in order to cultivate hope in them to live strongly and to face death with dignity for those living with AIDS. This exercise is very important in strengthening the sick within the slums most of whom are living in total hopelessness and rejection from their families and community members.

The main objective of this project is to rehabilitate such children, provide them with care and counseling in order to ensure attainment of better growth and development to them. Bringers of Joy Education Centre situated within the sprawling Mathare Valley at Mathare North Area 3, and is a centre that is already undertaking rehabilitation exercise to a large number of such demanding children.

Implementation of activities - The project starts by recruiting children between the ages of 3 to 8 years. This is because of limited space and overcrowding of the current number of children within the school. Recruitment of needy children is done by first carrying out a case study to identify on the needs of the child. Only needy & orphaned children are considered.